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Course/Lesson Bundles

The Newbie Course

The Newbie Course is meant for absolute beginners. The objective is to get you playing some songs while simultaneously teaching you some important concepts along the way. The songs taught in this course coincide with the concept lessons from each module. Also included are ALL of the song lessons that are available here on Zombie Guitar. There are currently around 75 song lessons in total!

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The Lead Guitar Improv Bundle

Learn how to improvise using the entire neck of the guitar, in any key and in the shortest amount of time possible. Whenever you are soloing over a chord progression, you always have the option to focus exclusively on the overall KEY of the chord progression or the individual CHORDS that you are soloing over. Ideally you will be focusing on both simultaneously. The Lead Guitar Improv Course will get you doing exactly that almost instantaneously!

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Modes and "Different Sounds"

The courses here are focused on playing in different "frameworks" other than the basic major/minor that you are likely more familiar with. Having a solid understanding of the basic major and minor keys is a prerequisite for these if you want to get the most out of these courses. Also included are 2 additional "Video Backing Track Libraries", allowing you to select a chord progression, choose a key and then choose a concept to practice. There are over 400 additional video backing tracks to choose from within these libraries!

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Music Theory Deep Dive Bundle

This is ideal for music theory enthusiasts who love diving deep into "the why" behind everything. This lesson portal includes over 130 extremely in-depth lessons covering all types of different topics. These lessons include video(s), written lessons, chord charts, fretboard diagrams, video backing tracks and many other visual aids.

This bundle also includes a copy of the the Melodic Phrases course!

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Melodic Phrases

Melodic Phrases is a course where we HYPER-focus on soloing in one single key signature (the key of C major/A minor). The course contains 71 individual licks that are applied over simple 2-chord progressions, each of which is characterized as either major or minor. 

Note: This course is included with the Music Theory Deep Dive Bundle, but it is also available as an individual product purchase as well.

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