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The Lead Guitar Improv Bundle contains 5 courses and over 600 Video Backing Tracks. The objective is for you to grab your guitar and start improvising immediately (and sound great doing so). This is accomplished by providing you with a rhythm section and visual aids to follow along with on the screen. As long as you follow along with the fretboard diagram(s) on the screen, your lead playing will always be "locked in" with the rhythm section that you are soloing over. This is referred to as Learn by Doing. Whether you are interested in theory or not, you will learn a multitude of different theoretical concepts along the way. However, you won't be thinking of it as "learning theory" though...Rather, you will just have a series of aha moments over and over again as you work through each of the courses (with your guitar in hand the entire time). It's almost like magic...Simply pick up your guitar, start jamming and sound great INSTANTLY!

Course #1 - Improv Basics

This first course gives you ALL of the fundamental soloing concepts at once. However, in this course it just focuses on one single scale position. There are at least 20 different fundamental concepts to be learned here, and since you will be learning by doing, you won't even be thinking about it as learning theory!

Course #2 -

Pentatonic Mastery

In this course you learn how to solo across the entire neck of the guitar using the pentatonic scale. You learn how to apply the pentatonic scale to both major keys and minor keys.

Course #3 -

Blues Basics 

Here you will learn where the blue note fits into each of the 5 pentatonic positions. You will also learn how to combine major and minor tonalities together in order to get that signature "hybrid" blues sound!

Course #4 -

The Melodic Notes

The pentatonic scale is only 5 notes (you learn that in the Pentatonic Mastery course). When you add in the remaining 2 notes from the key, you are left with what is known as the diatonic scale. In a major key context, the diatonic scale is called the major scale. In a minor key context, the diatonic scale is called the natural minor scale. In this course you learn that both scales share the same exact notes as one another (and therefore the same patterns as well). This course will teach you that you can cover the entire fretboard using just 3 patterns!

Course #5 -

CAGED and Chord Tone Targeting

In this course, we move beyond just focusing on the KEY, and we now focus specifically on the CHORDS. You do not need to change scales every time the chord changes (which is a fundamental concept that you are taught in the previous courses). However, you do need to emphasize certain notes within the scale over each individual chord. This is called chord tone targeting, and that is exactly what this course is about!

10 Practice Progressions

The objective of the Video Backing Track Library is to take what you learned in the courses and apply it to several different chord progressions. Simply pick a progression, choose a key, and then choose a soloing concept that you want to practice (eg. pentatonic scale, blues scale, chord tone targeting, etc.).  Within the 2 Video Backing Track libraries, there are 5 major progressions and 5 minor progressions to choose from. There are over 600 videos in total!



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$49 - Buy Now

Note: This bundle is also included with a Full Access Membership as well!