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Walkthrough Videos

There is a TON of content on the site, but here are a few walkthrough videos demonstrating some of the key features!


What's all Included...



Over 130 "Mini-Courses"

Zombie Guitar has been around and helping people to learn guitar since 2015. Almost every week there has been a new and in-depth lesson added to the site which contains a video (average 30 minutes) and a detailed written version of the lesson. Many of these in-depth lessons have Video Backing Tracks associated with them too, specifically the lessons that are geared towards soloing. 

A Video Backing Track provides you with a rhythm section to practice jamming along with while giving you visual aids on the screen to follow such as the rhythm chords, fretboard diagrams and/or TABs. Currently there are over 130 of these in-depth lessons/mini-courses on the site, with more being added regularly

Topics include: Fundamentals of music, chord types and uses, beginner to soloing, soloing across the fretboard, chord tone targeting, intervals, modes, harmonic minor scale, blues, working in a DAW and many other miscellaneous concepts. Every lesson is essentially a mini-course in and of itself!

The Newbie Course

The Newbie Course consists of 61 lessons, which are a combination of song and concept lessons. As you work your way though the course, the lessons get progressively harder. Each song that is taught coincides with the concept(s) from the current module that you are on. This way you can see how the concepts apply to popular songs.

Improv Basics

This first fundamental soloing course gives you ALL of the fundamental soloing concepts at once. However, in this course it just focuses on one single scale position. There are at least 20 different fundamental concepts to be learned here, and since you will be learning by doing, you won't even be thinking about it as learning theory!

Pentatonic Mastery

In this course you learn how to solo across the entire neck of the guitar using the pentatonic scale. You learn how to apply the pentatonic scale to both major keys and minor keys.

Blues Basics 

Here you will learn where the blue note fits into each of the 5 pentatonic positions. You will also learn how to combine major and minor tonalities together in order to get that signature "hybrid" blues sound!

The Melodic Notes

The pentatonic scale is only 5 notes (you learn that in the Pentatonic Mastery course). When you add in the remaining 2 notes from the key, you are left with what is known as the diatonic scale. In a major key context, the diatonic scale is called the major scale. In a minor key context, the diatonic scale is called the natural minor scale. In this course you learn that both scales share the same exact notes as one another (and therefore the same patterns as well). This course will teach you that you can cover the entire fretboard using just 3 patterns!

CAGED and Chord Tone Targeting

In this course, we move beyond just focusing on the KEY, and we now focus specifically on the CHORDS. You do not need to change scales every time the chord changes (which is a fundamental concept that you are taught in the previous courses). However, you do need to emphasize certain notes within the scale over each individual chord. This is called chord tone targeting, and that is exactly what this course is about!

Song Lessons

Beginner-friendly songs, songs with cool riffs & solos, solo analysis lessons, improv analysis lessons, backing tracks, TABs...There are around 75 song lessons in total, with more to come!

22 Practice Progressions

The objective of the Video Backing Track Library is to pick a progression, choose which key to practice in, and then choose a soloing concept that you want to practice (eg. pentatonic scale, blues scale, chord tone targeting, etc.). Within the 4 Video Backing Track libraries, there are major progressions, minor progressions, modal chord progressions and harmonic minor progressions. There are over 1000 videos in total!

Who Doesn't Love Modes?

Ahhh...good ol' modes. The most heavily debated topic in all of the guitar community. Modes are a ton of fun, assuming that you understand when and how to use them. Each mode has its own dedicated course. In each course you will learn how to treat each mode as its own unique scale that spans the entire fretboard. You will learn all about modal chord progressions. You will learn how to combine each mode with the pentatonic and blues scale, and you will see how the fundamental concept of chord tone targeting applies to every single mode as well.

The harmonic minor scale is not a mode of the major scale. However, it does have 7 modes of its own. For that reason there is yet another course that is entirely dedicated to learning all about harmonic minor. The harmonic minor course will teach you: Harmonic minor chord progressions, soloing with harmonic minor, combining harmonic minor with other scales, chord tone targeting in harmonic minor and the 7 modes of the harmonic minor scale. There are so many sounds that can be achieved outside of the basic major and minor keys, and that's exactly what Modes and Different Sounds is all about!

71 Melodic Licks

Melodic Phrases is a course where we HYPER-focus on soloing in one single key signature (the key of C major/A minor). The course contains 71 individual licks that are applied over simple 2-chord progressions, each of which is characterized as either major or minor. These licks are then combined together to form short solos. The idea here is to show you how a solo is simply a combination of many short phrases that can all be connected together. 



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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I get access to everything all at once?
Yes! There is a TON of content, so don't skip the walkthrough video!

Q: Is there a refund policy?
Yes! There is a 30-day refund policy. If you decide that Zombie Guitar isn't for you within 30 days of your initial purchase, simply ask for your money back using the contact form in the footer of the website, and we will give you a full refund!

Q: Is new content ever added?
Yes! There is new content regularly added into the In-Depth Lesson Portal. Sometimes new full courses are added as well. Zombie Guitar has been steadily growing since 2015, and it's not stopping anytime soon. You have access to everything - old and new!

Q: Is the Zombie Guitar website the same thing as the Zombie Guitar YouTube channel, just without ads?
No way! There are currently 18 products that are included with the Full Access Membership. One of these products is called the In-Depth Lesson Portal. In there you will find a website version of every YouTube video that includes a written version of the lesson, along with many additional videos that are not on YouTube (and of course there are no ads in any of these videos either). The In-Depth Lesson Portal is just 1 of the 18 products that is included with the Full Access Membership though. The other 17 products are exclusive to the Zombie Guitar website and not to be found anywhere else!

Q: Is there an app available for Zombie Guitar?
A: Yes! You will need to download an app called "Kajabi". Once inside that app, you then login to the Zombie Guitar website using the same login information that you use to login to the website. From there you can then browse all of the content within the Kajabi app!

Q: Is it difficult to cancel if I choose the annual plan?
No! Everyone hates it when you have to jump through a million hoops just to opt out of a subscription. We promise not to do that to you! You will be notified via email when your annual membership is about to renew. If you decide that you don't want to renew, you can easily cancel your subscription right from your user account.

Q: Are there any Reviews?
Sure, check out the testimonials page. However, keep in mind that Zombie Guitar has just recently been redesigned and moved to a new hosting platform as of November 2021. The old site had thousands of user-submitted reviews that unfortunately were not transferred over, but fret not my friend (pun intended)....Simply browse around in the comments section of any of Brian Kelly's YouTube videos and you will find plenty of reviews about the quality and effectiveness of the Zombie Guitar website. Everyone is talking about it!

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