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What is Zombie Guitar?

Zombie Guitar is an ever-growing resource designed to teach guitar players how to actually create their own music.

Before we dive into all the nitty gritty details, let me first ask if any of the following points describe you:

  • You already know how to read TABs.
  • You can already play a bunch of other peoples' songs.
  • You have some chops, and you can easily impress your non-musician friends.
  • You've been browsing YouTube for years attempting to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, yet you still have many gaps in your understanding of the fretboard.
  • You know that deep down you still don't actually OWN the fretboard, despite the fact that you have been playing for YEARS.

Sound familiar?

This is actually very common, and almost every single self-teaching guitar player eventually reaches this point. 

Some people are content with playing other peoples' music forever, relying on TABs and YouTube videos to show them how to do so.

However, some guitarists actually want to understand the guitar. They want to be able to fluently navigate the fretboard and have the ability to jam with other musicians. 

This understanding also extends to learning and playing other peoples' songs as well. You don't need to have other people show you how to play songs, and you don't have to rely on TABs when you actually understand how music works.

Would you like to have the ability to translate the music that you hear inside your head onto the guitar?

Do you wish that you had the ability to listen to a song and then be able to instantly play it without needing to rely on TABs?

Would you like to be able to take any song or solo and make it your own?

If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then you have come to the right place because that is PRECISELY what Zombie Guitar is all about!

Zombie Guitar is a "One Stop Shop"

The Zombie Guitar model has always been to offer access to EVERYTHING at once (in a neatly organized package with a structured road map to follow).

When you join Zombie Guitar, you get a lifetime worth of material to work through at your own pace. There are currently 12 full courses, 140+ mini-courses and 2000+ Video Backing Tracks that are included with the membership.

We'll look at what each of these mean in more detail below. 

However, here are the membership options to choose from if you are considering joining: 



Your Membership Includes:


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do I get access to everything all at once?
Yes! There is a TON of content, so don't skip the walkthrough video!

Q: Is there a refund policy?
Yes! There is a 30-day refund policy. If you decide that Zombie Guitar isn't for you within 30 days of your initial purchase, simply ask for your money back using the contact form in the footer of the website, and we will give you a full refund!

Q: Is new content ever added?
Yes! There is new content regularly added into the In-Depth Lesson Portal. Sometimes new full courses are added as well. Zombie Guitar has been steadily growing since 2015, and it's not stopping anytime soon. You have access to everything - old and new!

Q: Are there any song lessons?

A: Of course! While the primary goal of Zombie Guitar is to teach you to understand music, we fully understand that people still just want to learn how to play songs as well. We've got you covered there with over 75 song tutorials included in the membership. Of course the song tutorials also show you how the various different concepts are applied in addition to the step-by-step walkthroughs of the song or solo, but that's Zombie Guitar for ya. It's ALWAYS about understanding "the why" behind the music 😀!

Q: Is there an app available for Zombie Guitar?
A: Yes! You will need to download an app called "Kajabi". Once inside that app, you then login to the Zombie Guitar website using the same login information that you use to login to the Zombie Guitar website. From there you can then browse all of the content within the Kajabi app!

Q: What is the Price?
There are 2 pricing options. You can pay $19 per month and cancel at any time, or you can pay a one-time fee of $159 to get LIFETIME ACCESS.

12 Full Courses

A Full Course has a specific long-term objective. For example, learning how to navigate the fretboard using the pentatonic scale in any major or minor key would be considered a long-term objective. The course Pentatonic Mastery focuses specifically on that primary objective.

Below you will find a brief description of each of the 12 full courses and their primary objectives. 



Beginner to Intermediate Courses


Intermediate to Advanced Courses

Over 140 Mini-Courses

A Mini-Course is where we focus on just one single concept that you can apply to your playing immediately. One single mini-course consists of anywhere between 1 and 20 videos, and also includes a full text version of the lesson including all of the charts and diagrams that were used in the videos.


Topics Include (but not limited to)...

  • Music fundamentals
  • Keys and key signatures
  • Time signatures
  • The circle of 5ths
  • Key changes/modulations
  • Transposing keys
  • Composing music
  • Chords, chord types, how to use different chord in chord progressions, etc.
  • The pentatonic scale
  • The diatonic scale
  • "Blues theory" concepts
  • The CAGED system and applications
  • Alternatives to the CAGED system
  • Chord tone targeting/chord tone soloing
  • Arpeggios
  • Modes
  • Intervals
  • Harmonic minor
  • And much more...

2000+ Video Backing Tracks

A "Video Backing Track" is a guided jam track. The screen displays a suggest scale to use as the lead guitarist. The screen also displays the chords that are being played in the rhythm section. Sometimes the fretboard diagrams change in real time as the rhythm chords change, while other times they remain static throughout the entire chord progression.


2 Types of Video Backing Tracks:

  • Static Fretboard Diagrams - The chords change, but the fretboard diagram displayed on the screen remains constant. This is typically focusing on "layer 1", which is where you primarily just pay attention to the overall key of the music.
  • Moving fretboard diagrams - The fretboard diagrams change as the chords change. This is typically focusing on "layer 2", which is where you pay close attention to the chord changes.

Here is a 30-minute walkthrough video which demonstrates how video backing tracks are utilized throughout the site:


Still Not Convinced?

If you're still thinking that this whole understanding music thing is limited only to the "gifted" and "talented" people, or if you are still under the assumption that many years of schooling and dedicated study is required, think again.

It is 100% possible for YOU to easily learn these skills. In fact I will prove it to you right now. Here is a free 30-minute lesson that gives you a step-by-step process on how to easily learn almost any song by ear.

Yes, let me in!


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