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It’s all about making YOUR OWN music…


Did you ever see those people that can just pick up a guitar and start making amazing sounding music on the fly? They just start noodling, and everything that they play seems to sound great. People may ask, “what song is that?”, to which they respond with “I dunno, I’m just messing around”…How do they do that?!? People like this seem to almost have some sort of superhuman ability where they can EFFORTLESSLY just play whatever they hear in their head. It’s almost like it’s magic!

Zombie Guitar was created for those of you who wish to become this type of person. It’s not even nearly as hard as you may think either. The fretboard is laid out in a manner where everything is simply just a bunch of “movable” shapes and patterns. That’s the beauty of the guitar! Once you can see and understand this, you will be well on your way!

Now I do understand that a lot of people just want to play songs by their favorite bands. Trust me, I love doing that too. However, rather than constantly needing to have someone hold your hand and teach you songs, why not just learn how to figure out songs by ear? This is a SKILL that can be learned by anyone. While it may take a little bit of time to learn this skill, it will SIGNIFICANTLY cut down on the time that it takes you to learn songs in the future. Watch this 30-minute video to learn this skill:


You can dive DEEP into music theory…or not even worry about it at all and just start jamming ASAP!


  • Maybe you want to learn how to play a bunch of popular songs and solos…
  • Maybe you just want to strum some basic chords that sound good when played together in a “progression”…
  • Maybe you just want to start sounding good ASAP so you can impress your friends and family…
  • Maybe you want to understand the fundamentals of music, so that you can jam with anyone, always knowing exactly what to do in the given situation…
  • Maybe you just want to be able to play simple solos, using just a small area of the fretboard…
  • Maybe you want to be able to solo all up and down the fretboard, in any key…
  • Maybe you want to learn how to break through “soloing plateaus” where you find yourself constantly playing the same licks and phrases over and over again…
  • Maybe you want to understand why certain solos have a particular “sound” to them…
  • Maybe you want to learn how to improvise freely and effortlessly…
  • Maybe you want to learn about arpeggios, modes, diminished chords, major 7th chords vs. dominant 7th chords, and other “advanced” theory topics, etc…
  • Maybe you want to be able to transfer the music that you have in your head to guitar, and use the full fretboard to do so…


…And the list goes on.


By creating a free membership to the site, you get a free course called "Improv Basics", a bunch of free Video Backing tracks, and a few free lessons. It's like nice little sample pack to give you an idea of what the site is all about. On top of that, every single member of Zombie Guitar is welcome to join the private Facebook group that is filled with like-minded people!

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What makes Zombie Guitar different than other guitar lesson websites?


This site is geared towards players of all levels – from absolute beginners to well-seasoned players. However, if there had to be just ONE THING that really differentiates this website from all the rest, it would be the thousands of available “Video Backing Tracks”.


Video Backing Tracks


1.) Provide a rhythm section (aka. ‘backing track’) for you to jam along with
2.) Provide a visual aid on the screen that provides you with a framework of notes that will work in the given situation

These are great tools for quickly learning how to improvise!


Try one out for yourself...


Also included with a Free Membership to Zombie Guitar is a course called Improvisation Basics. This course contains 30 additional Video Backing Tracks, so you can really get a feel for how they work. You simply pick up your guitar, turn on one of these videos, jam along with the rhythm section and follow the “framework of notes” that are provided on the screen for you. You will be amazed as to how good you will sound almost instantly!

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