Unlocking the “Fretboard Puzzle”

Scales, Arpeggios, and Modes 101

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“I just want you to know how incredible these lessons are and what they did for me!! I feel FREE! I feel EMPOWERED! And all because YOU were willing to share your incredible knowledge and talent in a very logical and methodical and HELPFUL way! I had grown so frustrated over the past few years trying to chase these concept down….finding youtube videos that take you right to the edge of a breakthrough and then dropping you off the ledge without being clear enough for me to “get it” and then leaving me no way to get in touch with them to ask specific questions and get them answered!”
– Ken

“Brian _ I have been struggling with this concept for months, and 3 other online ‘Guitar Instructors’. You sir, … have explained this, in a way I finally understand. ( a 74 year old Newbie, thanks you )”
– Donn

“I am finding these videos very helpful. I have had an idea of these concepts but this is really solidifying it and making it easy to see and understand. Thanks heaps.”
– Slim