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What's All Included...

The most content-packed area of Zombie Guitar is called the In-Depth Lesson Portal. Here you will find over 130 extremely detailed lessons covering many different topics. All of these lessons fall into one of the following categories:

  • Fundamentals of Music
  • Chord Types
  • Beginner to "Soloing"
  • Soloing Across the Fretboard
  • Chord Tone Targeting
  • Intervals
  • Modes
  • Harmonic Minor Scale
  • Blues Theory Concepts
  • Working in a DAW
  • Miscellaneous Topics


One single lesson could be considered and treated as a "course" in and of itself. The lessons found here dive deep into the various different topics and explain "the why" behind the concepts. Many of the other courses on Zombie Guitar that are outside of the In-Depth Lesson Portal are heavily focused on the "learn by doing" methodology which essentially teaches you shape-based music theory (aka. shapes on the fretboard) without necessarily being too theory-intensive.

On the other hand, the lessons found here in the In-Depth Lesson Portal are very theory-intensive. These lessons are ideal for music theory enthusiasts who are interested in more than just the movable shapes and patterns that we have available to us as guitarists.

New lessons are added regularly, and you have access to ALL of them - past, present and future lessons!



Melodic Phrases is a course that contains 71 sample licks/phrases and 19 short, melodic solos, all of which are in the key signature of C major/A minor. The goal is for you to make the connection between the key-scale and the associated chords. This is done by isolating simple 2-chord progressions using the 3 major and 3 minor chords that are part of this key. The licks and solos are divided up between 8 different chord progressions. For each progression you also have the opportunity to make up your own melodic phrases and solos by using the provided Video Backing Tracks.


Targeted Phrase Practice

In any given key there are 3 major chords and 3 minor chords. One of the 3 major chords is the major tonal center chord, and one of the 3 minor chords is the minor tonal center chord. Each chord progression is a combination of one of the tonal center chords plus one of the non-tonal center chords.


The progressions that you will be practicing over are:

  • C – F
  • C – G
  • C – Dm
  • C – Em
  • Am – F
  • Am – G
  • Am – Dm
  • Am – Em


For each of those 8 chord combinations a 2-chord practice progression is created. Within each chord combination you have 2 options for a total of 16 practice progressions.

  • Each chord lasts 1 bar
  • Each chord lasts 2 bars


The Sample Licks

Each of the samples licks contains:

  • Video demo at 120 and 100 BPM
  • Sound-only demos at 120 and 100 BPM
  • TABs
  • Fretboard diagram displaying the full scale and where exactly the phrase is played


Video Backing Tracks

For each of the 16 practice progressions there are associated Video Backing Tracks provided at 2 different speeds (100 BPM and 120 BPM). The video backing tracks display:

  • The chord changes in real time
  • The key-scale
  • The chord-tones “light up” within the scale as the chords change



3 Relevant Lessons

This course contains three in-depth lessons that explain exactly what it is that you are practicing. These lessons ensure that you understand the objective of this course on a deep level!

The three lessons are:

  • Visualizing the Fretboard Using Just 3 Patterns
  • Understanding Chord-Tone Targeting in 9 Steps (Using the CAGED System)
  • The Chord-Scale Connection





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$69 - Buy Now

Note: This bundle is all included with a Full Access Membership to the site as well!