“Pick a Progression, Pick a Key, Pick a Concept and Start Jamming!”

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Your improvisations will INSTANTLY sound great!

The objective of the video backing track library is for you to pick up your guitar and jam along with the backing tracks, while using the provided visual aids that are on the screen. By doing this, your lead playing/soloing/improvisations will immediately sound great. This is because you will be applying the correct CONCEPT to the correct CONTEXT!



22 Chord Progressions to Choose From

  • 5 Major Progressions
  • 5 Minor Progressions
  • 2 Dorian Progressions
  • 2 Phrygian Progressions
  • 2 Lydian Progressions
  • 2 Mixolydian Progressions
  • 2 Harmonic Minor Progressions (minor context)
  • 2 Harmonic Minor Progressions (major context aka. "Ionian #5")


The Concepts:

  • The Pentatonic Scale
  • The Blues Scale
  • The Major Scale
  • The Natural Minor Scale
  • Scale Combining
  • Chord Tone Targeting




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$69 - Buy Now

Note: This is all included with a Full Access Membership to the site as well!