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There are a TON of free lessons on this website, which are organized in a few different ways…

1.) Newbie Section – So the newbies can have a little bit of guidance, ya know.

2.) Intermediate Section – Here I dive deep into many different theory topics. Don’t be scared of music theory. It’ll make you a great player!

3.) The Chords and Chord Progressions Page – There’s A LOT more to chords then just what you were taught on day 1 of your guitar learning journey. Understanding chords is the basis of all that is musical in the world. It took me many years of running up and down scales to realize that the real magic is found in CHORDS :).

4.) Soloing with Scales – This is geared more towards intermediate players who have a bit of understanding of music theory (or would like to). This section is geared towards helping you to be able to solo over the entire fretboard in any major or minor key by using some basic scale patterns. There is a ton of fun stuff here!

5.) Soloing With Chords – This is a little more advanced then the scalar approach section, but it’s still very manageable. This section teaches you how to begin paying attention to the underlying chords within a song or chord progression, and to target the “chord tones” in your lead playing as each chord is occuring. This is ultimately what is going to take your playing to the next level if you are currently finding yourself stuck at a plateau in which all of your solos/improvisations are sounding too “scaly”, and you don’t know how to “break out of the box patterns”.

6.) Modes – Modes allow you to create some very exotic sounds unlike anything you would hear in typical major and minor keys. However, they are one of the most misunderstood guitar theory concepts on the internet. This section will help you to understand exactly what modes are, what they aren’t, and how/when to use them. Once you understand how modes work, you will find that they aren’t really all that complicated!

7.) Songs – The name speaks for itself.

8.) The Archives – Every lesson that I ever added to the site in dated format.

Each individual lesson is extremely comprehensive and contains:

  • Video(s) containing any relevant TABS, chord charts and diagrams
  • Full article explaining the concept at hand
  • Sometimes a cool picture of a zombie

P.S. – I spend a TON of time making these free lessons, so if you would like to show your support, you can do so here. I appreciate it!

Weekly Lesson Updates

I notify my subscribers about 1 – 2 times per month, letting them know about any new lessons that have been added to the site. New lessons are constantly being added to the site!

Thanks for checking out Zombie Guitar!


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