The Scalar Approach

One way to visualize the fretboard is through scales and scale patterns. This is generally the first layer of the puzzle that guitarists uncover once they learn how to solo over the entire fretboard within a diatonic key.

This is what I refer to as “scalar thinking”. Scalar thinking doesn’t take the underlying chords within the song/progression into account, and the only thing that you need to be aware of is the key of the song or chord progression that you are playing over.

The lessons below were pulled from the archives page and are presented in a logical order in which each subsequent lesson expands on the previous one.

How to Determine What Key You are in

Basic Root Position Scales

The Relationship Between Major and Minor

Easy Areas to Fall Back on When You Are Playing in an Unfamiliar Key

Spaning the Pentatonic Scale Across the Fretboard

The Full Diatonic Scale (aka. Major and/or Minor)

Exercise for Combining the 5 Pentatonic Positions With the Full Diatonic Scale

Musical Demonstration of “Scale Combining” Using 5 Fretboard Positions

How to Combine the Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale in Parallel

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