The Chords and Chord Progressions Page

The importance of chords is often underestimated in the guitar world. Many guitarists feel that they “already know about chords” and primarily focus their efforts on scales and lead lines.

They attribute chords to be “just something that beginner guitarists and rhythm players need to worry about”.

Well, tell that to Jimi Hendrix…

Guitar chords are more then just the open position major and minor chords that you learned on day 1 of your guitar journey.

They are the basis for all that which is musical in the world. Learn how to utilize the entire neck of the guitar and create many beautiful rhythms, leads, licks and phrases. Learn how to actually make your guitar SING.

This page is here to help you do that…

Before you learn any chords, you must first understand the concept of movability and that everything on the guitar is movable

Here are some lessons going into detail about various different types of chords

You absolutely must have a solid understanding of the “CAGED System” if you want to be able to fully utilize the entire fretboard

Here is a lesson that explains how you can create any chord you would like simply by understanding the concept of “chord formulas”

Lessons that will help your understanding of chord progressions

The circle of fifths can be an extremely useful tool in helping you to create songs and chord progressions in various different keys

Break away from staying 100% in-key, and start tastefully using some out-of-key chords

Weekly Lesson Updates

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