The Chordal Approach

Beyond the scalar approach, the next layer of the puzzle that guitarists tend to unlock are the “gems” that are found within the scales and the scale patterns. While all of the notes within the scale will more or less “work”, the gems are those perfect notes that sound just so….perfect!

Once guitarists are fluent in soloing within a diatonic key, the next step would be to pay attention to the chords within the underlying progression. As the chords move, so do the “target notes” within the scale patterns. These are known as “chord tones”.

This page presents a logical progression as to how you would go about targeting chord tones within the scale patterns of a diatonic key.

Locating Chord Shapes on the Fretboard

10-Part Chord Tone Soloing Series

Targeting Specific Intervals Within Each CAGED Shape

Understanding the Chord-Scale Relationship

How the 3rd’s of Chords Within a Progression Can be Emphasized in order to Create “Hybrid Scales”

Unconventional method for learning all 12 major/minor CAGED shapes and every single note on the fretboard

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